Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the two sacraments we celebrate, as would most other Christians all around the world. As sacraments they are part of the means of grace, an experience or action that enables encounter with God’s saving love, and are outward visible signs of an inner invisible reality. They point to God’s initiative and God’s action in our lives.

Baptism is a once off proclamation of God’s redeeming work. Usually we would baptize infants of Christian parents in a public act of worship. The focus, then, is God who seeks us out and has done all that is necessary for every person to be cleansed of their sin and born again. When an infant is baptized it is especially evident that God’s amazing grace and insatiable love is unearned and undeserved. In the service, as a response of faith, both the parents and the community pledge themselves to live lives which will enable the baptized infant to make their own choice to follow Jesus. At “Confirmation” we celebrate publicly a personal profession of faith and a commitment to continue to grow to be more Christ-like as part of the community of believers in which they are confirmed.

Sometimes infants are not baptized and would come to faith as a teenager or adult. Where these people are received into full membership (“confirmed”) their baptism would normally be the way we do that.

The water symbolizes the two possibilities – cleansing and re-birth. As Methodists we baptize either by sprinkling water, or pouring water or by full immersion in water in the name of God; Father, Son and Spirit.

Should you wish to be baptised, please contact the office on: 041 5814301, or Contact Lolo. It is usual to meet with one of the clergy in preparation for this.

Should you wish to have your child baptized and you are a member at Walmer Methodist the same process applies. If you are not a member we would love to explore the baptism of your child with you, but would need to clarify your relationship to the Church and future pastoral care as part of the preparation journey. Where you are member of another Church community contact with that community would be part of an exploration of if and how we can proceed. Being part of any baptism is a profound privilege and joy for us.