Opportunity to get involved in the Bread of Life Feeding Scheme


Responding to a need in the Gqebera (Walmer) Township, amongst indigent families living with HIV/AIDS, the “Bread of Life Feeding Scheme” was started in 2001 to help families who experience rejection, hostility, isolation and loneliness and are shunned by people in their community.

On alternate Saturdays, a volunteer team meets at the Church at 06h30 to pack food parcels ready for distribution later in the morning. We rely completely on donations of food and finance from members of the congregation and others to be able to continue meeting these needs. We currently help 160 families (over 750 people)

Members are welcomed with tea and sandwiches, while members of the team interact with them, before being ministered to through Scripture.

Team interviewers meet individually with a family representative who collects the food parcel. Concerns, problems and health needs are heard, and where possible, practical support offered e.g. school clothes/ books; obtaining spectacles, pensions, grants, legal problems through Legal Aid etc.  In this way we not only physically feed people, but also offer practical support and give spiritual guidance as we walk alongside families, showing genuine interest in their lives.

Through our Children’s Christmas party in December the children are blessed to enjoy a party and receive presents donated by our congregation.

As a further development, we bought a container to house a second-hand clothing shop, which helps towards funding the Scheme and enables us to help more families. The shop is open once a month. We are privileged to have the opportunity to bless a hurting people, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for every heart that has been touched by this ministry to so generously and lovingly fill the store house to provide for those in need. May we continue to spread the message of God’s love in this way, in and through then name of Jesus Christ.

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