Is there more to Easter than bunnies and chocolate?


Easter is an incredibly special season in the Christian faith. It is the period during which we remember the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. This season is what makes Christianity different to every other religion. Jesus claimed he was God and proved his divinity through his resurrection. This one event in history has impacted the rest of history and has a significant impact on our lives today.


Special days this Easter season.


Monday 10 April 18h00

“A dinner in His honour”  |  We recreate the dinner held at the house of Mary and Martha in honour of Jesus. We will be sharing a light meal together as part of our service. Donations are welcomed. Kids will join us for the meal and then go off to a separate kids programme.


Tuesday 11 April 18h00

“Now my soul is troubled”  |  Jesus spoke these words in the garden before his death. Perhaps these are words that you have uttered before. Join us as we ponder on the times when life can be tough. We will also have various stations where we can worship and experience God in different ways. Kids will have a separate programme.


Wednesday 12 April 18h00

“One of you will betray me”  |  Join us for an evening of worship and teaching as we look at one of the most interesting disciples – Judas Iscariot. Kids will have a separate programme.


Thursday 13 April 18h00

“Do as I have done to you”  |  Jesus showed his disciples what it looked like to serve – no matter what position you were in. Join us for a service that relooks the events of the Last Supper and how they affect us today. Kids will have a separate programme.


Friday 14 April 08h00

“It is finished”  |  On Good Friday we will be looking at the sacrifice that Jesus made – he has done it. We have the victory. Kids will have a separate programme. Stay after the service for coffee, tea and hot cross buns. 


Sunday 16 April 07h00, 09h00 & 18h00

“She told them everything”  |  Come and celebrate with us! Kids are welcome and although there won’t be a separate programme, the service will be kid-friendly