Frequently Asked Questions2016-12-14T10:10:44+02:00

The answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


What must I do if someone has died?2015-11-13T09:37:37+02:00

We count it a privilege to care for people and support them in any and every crisis. If someone has died, please contact or call us, whether you are a member of the Church or not. We hope to be of comfort in your time of loss.

What about financial needs?2015-11-13T09:36:52+02:00

A limited discretionary fund is entrusted to the pastoral staff for helping people in need.

Who can I contact in case of pastoral emergency?2015-11-13T09:23:10+02:00

Please contact Jonathan Hobson on: +27 83 394 2288

Does the church offer a recycling facility?2015-11-13T09:21:06+02:00

Yes, we are committed to stewardship of the world we live in, so any way we can reduce waste and improve use of materials engages us. In addition to the income this brings (which goes to our “Bread of Life” outreach) we also provide one of our members with a job overseeing the depot.

What does the Church offer for children?2015-11-13T09:19:05+02:00

Children and families are very important to us. We have a dynamic Friday evening programme for children. On Sunday at our two main morning services children start with the family in Church and then usually move out to share in age-specific activities for learning and growing in Sam Studios. We have a new Kid’s Play Area at Church for use between activities and a secure grassed area, jungle gym and basketball court on campus. Annually a Holiday Club is held in June/July. For toddlers we have supervised play area for use during the service and for parents of infants there is an air-conditioned room. Both of these have audio and sight of the adjacent sanctuary.

Does the Church hire out venues for use?2016-12-14T10:10:45+02:00

Not usually. We aim to use the Church buildings and premises for as many activities related to our work and witness as we can. Our rates exemption as a Church is predicated on our being an organization not for gain. Should we hire our premises out to a person operating a business we would be in breach of this privilege. Use of premises by persons/activities related to Church vision and values by people not from the Church does occur on request (contact the office). Usually then a donation is requested towards the costs of use. We are not a profit oriented organization. We exist to serve.

Is my/our gift/donation to the Church tax deductible?2015-11-13T09:17:22+02:00

The Church is entirely funded by donations, gifts and tithes. The Church submits audited annual financial statements through the Connexional Office to SARS, and is not taxed as a consequence. As a Church, as differentiated from a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) or Non-profit organisation (NPO) we are not licensed to offer benefactors receipts for tax deductions. “Bread of Life”, on the other hand, which is a registered PBO that operates from our Church can offer donors this benefit.

If I make a donation to a specific appeal, can I be sure it is used for that purpose?2015-11-13T09:16:07+02:00

Yes, for sure. Part of the Church witness rests on transparency and trustworthiness. Our annual financial records are audited and available for scrutiny by any member upon request.

Can I expect the Church to offer support and prayer in time of struggle?2015-11-13T09:15:12+02:00

We believe that there is no issue or area of life that does not concern God. To pray with you and to seek wisdom or refer you to someone you could contact for help is what we do.

What are the costs of hold my wedding ceremony at the Walmer Methodist Church?2015-11-18T10:46:06+02:00

These are available through the Church office but the following could be included (depending on your choices) for consideration : the minister, the organist or worship team ( leader and members), a soloist, the sound /audio-visual operator, the cleaner/verger, and the car guards. If you are not a member of Walmer Methodist a donation to the Church is required towards costs of upkeep etc. For weddings not at the Church a donation for the minister’s time and travelling (usually for the rehearsal and the ceremony) is expected.

We request that these donations are made at least ten (10) working days before the wedding. Account details are available from the Church Office.

Can we take photos during the wedding ceremony?2016-12-14T10:10:45+02:00

Of course! Photos and a video may be recorded. We only ask that sensitivity by those involved as to the dignity of the ceremony be observed. Flash photography is acceptable within limits but we ask that no special lighting be used.

What documents do we need?2015-10-13T09:20:53+02:00

The wedding application form sets out the required documents.

Can we use confetti after our wedding ceremony?2015-11-18T10:43:33+02:00

We ask that you only use rose petals or bubbles and do so outside the building.

Can we use our own pastor or minister for our wedding ceremony?2015-11-18T10:43:53+02:00

Only staff at Walmer may perform weddings in the Church. Other ministers may be allowed only with the permission of the leadership of the Church.

Do I have to be a member of Walmer Methodist to get married there?2015-10-13T09:12:38+02:00

No, but you will need some form of marriage preparation with us. We take your marriage very seriously and hope to help you make the best of this adventure called marriage. Both the wedding day and your married life are likely to be special if time and effort is given to preparation. Two possible ways of preparing for marriage are,

(i) either by way of a course or

(ii) by meeting with the minister for at least 3 sessions.

A nominal charge for catering and materials will apply for the course. Lolo will be able to give details of marriage preparation courses as and when they are arranged.

How do I book the Church for my Wedding Ceremony?2015-11-13T09:41:06+02:00

Simply call the Church office and speak to Lolo. She will need to check on the availability of the Church and minister. A wedding application form will need to be completed. This can be collected from the Church, downloaded from our website or emailed/faxed to you.

What do we do after the Church is booked for our wedding ceremony ?2015-11-18T10:44:45+02:00

Sign up for the next marriage preparation course. If there isn’t one we will contact you regarding other options. It is best to start as soon as possible with preparations.

When do we meet with the minister to discuss our Wedding Ceremony?2015-11-18T10:47:33+02:00

Call and arrange an appointment as soon as you can. Not only will you be informed as to the documentation required for the legalities and the process but nearer your actual wedding you will be able to work through your preferences for the ceremony. Any special arrangements will be explored. Usually a rehearsal a few days before the wedding will be booked as well.

What about music for my Wedding Ceremony?2015-11-13T09:40:18+02:00

In consultation with you, choices could be required for:

  • before the guests arrive,
  • as the bridesmaids enter
  • as the bride enters
  • during the ceremony (hymns/songs)
  • whilst the register is signed and
  • as the bridal party exits the Church

You may play CD’s or DVD’s, ask for an organist, or a worship team to play. Our equipment is available for PowerPoint presentations if requested. Please make arrangements with the Church office in relation to your preferences.

What about flowers and pew decorations for or wedding ceremony?2015-11-18T10:44:18+02:00

Please organize your own flower arrangements. If your wedding is on a Saturday, we would value them being left for use on Sunday in Church should you not wish to use the flowers for the reception or elsewhere. Please communicate your choice to the office at least 2 weeks before your wedding. Please book a time for the arrangement and placing of flowers (usually on Friday or between 8h00 and 11h00 on Saturday) with the office.

What about other venues ? We would love to help you. The Marriage Act, however , requires that the marriage is only legal if conducted in a public office, a Church or other venue usually used for public worship or a private dwelling or house. You can “get married” on the beach or at another venue but for the sake of the legal requirements certain vows and the signing of the documents will need to be done at some point as well. Please discuss this with the minister.