Help with the loss of a loved one.


The death of a loved one is always a challenge. Even when it is expected, there is still a time of questioning and grief. A number of arrangements and adjustments have to be dealt with.

We count it a privilege to walk with folks during such times, whether they are members of our Church community or not. There are a number of immediate practical things that need to be done at such a time.

  1. Contact the Church to let us know of your loss so that we are able to be of assistance. Our office number is 041 5814301. Our emergency contact number is 0833942288. Where possible, one of our pastors will try to meet with you as soon as we hear of your loss. This first visit focusses on pastoral support. A time for a second visit to discuss and determine further arrangements will be set, should you wish us to help in that way.


  1. Thereafter choose an undertaker/funeral home. They usually have all hour contact facilities and will assist in removing the body and make the arrangements to ensure the issue of a death certificate. A later visit to them to establish the arrangements for the burial or cremation will need to be made. At this later appointment, usually at their offices, the identity document of the deceased and any funeral policy details will be needed to expedite the process.


  1. At the appointment regarding arrangements with one of our pastors, we will try to determine the details for the service. Whilst we try to fix the day and time as per your needs we will have to take other activities and commitments into account. We will attempt to find the most suitable arrangement within the constraints of all the schedules involved. At this meeting, which could be at the home of one of the family or at our offices, we will work through all the details necessary to try to ensure all is done well.

In our experience the funeral and the days immediately after the death of a loved one are usually characterized by much support and care. In the weeks and months that follow, it takes work to process the loss of your loved one. This usually rests with you. We would be privileged to help in this time through one of our pastors, should you ask. For many a process of counselling has been found to be very helpful. From time to time we, and other Church communities, facilitate courses that help folk to deal with grief. A call to our office (041 5814301) will allow access to information of courses.


The Chapel is open after all services if you would like someone to pray with you, or if you would prefer to pray on your own.