Walmer Methodist outreach programme.


Is an outreach ministry based at Walmer Methodist Church, and is aimed at getting the congregation and friends involved in Outreach in our city (Port Elizabeth) and beyond. We want to make our faith real in acts of kindness and service as the hands and feet of Jesus. As a community we are involved in various ways in this ministry.




 WMC is reaching out to our local community in Walmer Township and we have identified Airport Valley as a section of Walmer Township that is in desperate need.

Together with the local community leaders we have a vision to:

  • Work together with the community running an effective soup kitchen 3 times a week
    • Volunteers needed to assist with cooking and/or serving
    • Ingredients required for stew
  • Establish and run a local market where residents can sell their goods to ensure some income. We currently have a group of ladies as part of the Siyazama Job Creation Project who are sewing and beading goods to sell.
    • Additional sales outlets required as well as help with marketing/advertising the market and goods
    • Training the local community in business skills
  • Establish and run an effective vegetable garden to support the soup kitchen and local community
    • Volunteers needed to train and support the local community in ensuring the garden is well managed
  • Establish and run a small homework club from within the soup kitchen
    • Volunteers needed to help children with homework during the week (on a roster basis)
  • Establish and run a swop shop, initially from within the soup kitchen, where children can bring recyclable items and exchange for needed goods e.g. stationery or food
    • Volunteers needed to organise operations, purchasing of goods (stock) as well as actual running of the swop shop

Some of these projects are currently running and others need further volunteers or resources before we can begin.


PROJECT SPARKLE                 

Opportunities to assist with the on-going improvement of conditions at the Port Elizabeth hospital complexes as well as visiting.

Needs and opportunities

  • Sandwiches & Soul: Once a month (on a Friday morning) we make sandwiches and hand them out to people at the Walmer Clinic, as well as spend some time praying for them
  • Sparkle Work Days require volunteers to help clean up hospitals and clinics around PE – this involves painting, cleaning, etc.



An on-going partnership with the school in Walmer Township – We assist Grade 3 learners with English reading on Thursdays from 12:30 to 13:30.

Needs and opportunities

  • Volunteers to teach or assist children with English reading



An outreach opportunity whereby approximately 1300 sandwiches are made weekly for the 130 children at the HDC school in Walmer township.

Needs and opportunities

  • Volunteers needed to donate and prepare loaves of bread with peanut butter and ensure delivery to the church weekly (preferably on Sundays)



A praise and worship singing ministry to over 22 retirement homes and frail cares in and around Port Elizabeth.

Needs and opportunities

  • Volunteers to accompany us for one hour over weekends and to “pamper” the residents by performing true acts of discipleship such as washing and massaging their feet and/or hands with cream or painting ladies nails and/or toenails during the singing.



Paul Evans (from WMC), and his wife Anita, are working with refugees in Germany. We are looking for a team from here to support them.

Needs and opportunities 

  • Pray for them and any particular needs they may have
  • Regularly communicate with and act as a link between our church and them



We would like to establish a learning facility on our church premises for learners and students to further their education opportunities e.g.:

  • A homework club for primary school students
  • A place to study and access the internet for high school and university students
  • Extra Maths, Science or English classes
  • Coffee mornings for moms with toddlers who are able to access the Kids Zone Play Room

Needs and opportunities

  • Volunteers needed to host/man the facility
  • Volunteers to help kids with homework in the afternoons
  • A co-ordinator to oversee the volunteers



We are currently setting-up a play school for kids aged 3-6 years, situated at Walmer Links.

Needs and opportunities

  • We are looking for volunteers to help with the set-up, all the way from sewing to painting to landscaping.
  • At a later stage we will need volunteers to help with the actual running of the play school from cooking through to looking after kids during the day.



Needs and opportunities

  • We need volunteers to assist at the Mosaic Community Centre, teaching basic skills or running bible studies for adults as well as doing homework or extra mural activities with the kids in the afternoons. Please note that volunteers need to commit for a year and a curriculum will be provided for skills development.



Maranatha addresses the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of Port Elizabeth’s homeless and unemployed (particularly street children and children at risk).

They have a wonderful facility where they have created a loving Christian basis to empower and educate.

Needs and opportunities

  • Volunteers required to teach skills development or to help kids with homework in the afternoons
  • Volunteers required to take children on outings




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