Helping people of all ages of life.


We offer fellowship and ministry to all ages and have a particular emphasis on children and youth.

We seek to help people in all the different phases and stages of life.

We believe every part of creation exists to glorify God, and that people, in particular, are created to live in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to express a lifestyle which honours God. Each of us cannot do this outside of God’s grace. By God’s grace ( a free, unearned and undeserved gift of God in His love) we are sought by Him and called into a personal relationship with Him through a faith response to Jesus. His grace enables us to respond and assures us of acceptance. By grace we continue to learn and grow each day. We seek daily to choose to live, speak and act as those who follow in the way of Jesus.

We realize that even our best efforts to love God and serve Him can be skewed by our immaturity, lack of understanding and sometimes even selfish choices. We know we must depend on God for forgiveness and hope to be genuine in forgiving others. We mean to be a welcoming community, but also a community that encourages and enables genuine discipleship of Jesus.

The Bible is our basis for knowing and growing into the fullness of the mind that was in Christ. We believe that beyond meeting together for worship each Sunday we will best belong, serve, learn and grow by being in a Small Group. The fellowship there gives rise to ministry and mission in Jesus’ name.

Through the Holy Spirit we are made members of the body of Christ through new birth. We believe every one of us is called to serve Jesus and minister in His name.

Our relation ship with Jesus places us in a community in which each of us is meant to serve as a part of the whole. God’s Spirit in us and through us empowers and equips us to know Jesus, follow Jesus and partner Him in continuing His work. We expect to be gifted by the Holy Spirit for ministry and mission in Jesus’ name.

A key part of our witness is to promote family. We offer fellowship and ministry to all ages and have a particular emphasis on children and youth.

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