For the ones, the Wild Ones that have been raised up the prophetic ones that have been raised up, get ready. Get ready, get ready says the Lord because I’m pouring out my spirit upon you. Even right now I’m pouring out my spirit upon you.

There’s going to be a movement that comes out of Port Elizabeth through the youth. It’s going to be a baptism of the Holy Ghost on fire – It’s going to be a baptism of the Holy Ghost on fire. I just see this small snippet in my mind:

There was this young girl and she was just like I just went up to the heavens, I just spent time with daddy, I know what he said to time and it’s changed my life. I can’t go back I need to see my city come to Jesus, I need to see the nations, I need to see the nations come to Jesus! And I believe what God’s birthing out of South Africa this season is going to be so significant, and he calls you the Wild Ones, not because you’re rebellious, but because you’re the Wild Ones, you’ll go where he says that you will not even think, when he says, you will go you will go you will go says the Lord.

So lord I Thank you, fan the flame of that, God. Let it happen, let encounters and revelation begin to flow in that youth movement and Lord I thank you even for the worship ministry god, for the worship ministry, Lord god that you even shifting some things there.

I just see people on their faces, there’s this people walking in, I just see water up to peoples knees, and I just feel like the Lord says, it will be a house of healing, and the worship will release that healing into the nations.


On Fridays, in conjunction with the school terms, we run a program for high school youth. The program runs from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The program includes devotions, sharing of testimonies, a time of fellowship and worship.


Hugh Schoolers Grade 10, 16 years and older, are invited to join the confirmation class.

This radical time explores what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how to live as He did. We culminate with a time for each confirmand to be given the opportunity to publicly commit to this relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We also offer an opportunity, to those who would like, to be baptised in water, as a prophetic declaration of being birthed into a life with Jesus. We believe the laying on of hands for the filling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit is vital to every believer’s life.



The next step for those who completed Confirmation.

The Leadership School is a one year program for young people who are wanting to grow as disciples.

The goal is to train and equip you with the essential tools and skills needed to lead powerfully into different areas of influence to change the world. The year is going to demand a lot of time and capacity as we will be investing powerfully and intentionally into your growth and leadership. You will be taking what you have learned and apply it into the various ministries of the church.


– You must have been confirmed during 2019 0r 2020
– You must have the time and capacity
– You must attend Connect and Sunday Evening services
– You must attend Sunday afternoon sessions
– You must complete an application form
– You must complete an interview process

We are looking for young people who love Jesus and are committed to and excited about growing in their faith.

If you are accepted, please note that there is a cost to complete the year course to cover resources for you. More information is available from the Church Office.